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Benefits of Using WooCommerce over Shopify

Shopify offers a clean user interface with a wide range of themes and makes it easy, comfortable, and straightforward to build your eCommerce store and sell online. However, as the size of your store increases – Shopify offers limited flexibility to maintain and manage your store – that’s where WooCommerce comes in.

Here are some compelling reasons eCommerce businesses switch from Shopify to WooCommerce.

Open-source: WooCommerce is a free and open-source platform – allowing you to access and change its source code to perform required modifications, optimize SEO, and meet business needs. It also means that you have ownership over your store, mostly important in the later stages of the merchant journey.

Highly flexible and customizable: WooCommerce provides an expansive marketplace with over 300 built-in add-ons and free and paid extensions – to provide you with solutions for every problem. You can access thousands of themes, a myriad of plugins, and extensions to add features to your WooCommerce store and make it stand out.

Community of professional developers: WooCommerce has a close-knit community of experts and professionals you can connect with for your store or contribute as an expert yourself.

Payment gateways: While Shopify binds you to use Shopify Payments – WooCommerce lets you use several payment gateways with no additional fees.

Pricing: WooCommerce offers more flexibility and control over your pricing. You don’t have to pay for unwanted functionalities and instead pay for only the necessary tools – allowing you to create budget-friendly pricing for your business.

No transaction fees: Unlike Shopify, which includes additional and transactional fees, WooCommerce doesn’t charge any fees – unless you use a third-party payment gateway extension.

In conclusion, if you want more control over your eCommerce store’s customization, a pocket-friendly solution, and flexible pricing – go for WooCommerce – we certainly love it!