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Less Clicks Equals Higher Revenue

Adding Variables and Descriptions to the WooCommerce Shop Page

This is one of my favorite formulas – ‘Less Clicks’ == ‘Higher Revenue’. Let’s be honest – people are lazy. In this day and age, website users are quick to bounce off of a website if they don’t find what they’re looking for immediately. E-commerce is no exception – many customers are impulse buyers and have a tendency to quickly change their mind if it’s a difficult process to make a purchase. 

Why Make it Difficult?

I’ve been developing WordPress and WooCommerce websites for a long time. One of my nerdiest pasttimes is trying out new features and measuring the results to find out if the new feature is worth the effort and/or cost. I call this the Feature/Value Ratio. If the new feature doesn’t provide value in some way, mainly higher conversions; I remove it and try something else. Of course if it does provide higher conversions and therefore higher revenue, it becomes a permanent part of my strategy and I try to find other ways to expand on it. 

Add Variables to the WooCommerce Shop Page

One of the most interesting cases of the Feature/Value Ratio was after adding the variable options to the WooCommerce Shop page. The user could simply add the product and it’s options to the cart directly from the main shop page. This eliminated a single click to the product page to choose the available options and then add to the cart. It doesn’t seem like a single click would make that big of a difference – but it did. After implementing it on three separate e-commerce sites – all of varying product types – the average monthly increase in conversion rates was about 5%! Maybe 5% doesn’t seem like much but when the monthly revenue averages $50,000, that’s another $2,500 in revenue a month! This led me to exploring other options for eliminating clicks to the single product page…

Add the Short Description to the Shop Page

I love this plugin and have done all of the heavy lifting to package those two options plus a bonus option of showing the lowest minimum variable price (which is considered best practice for marketing purposes). Obviously, many factors are involved and it’s difficult to guarantee these same results on other sites but it is certainly worth a shot. What are some of your favorite Feature/Value Ratio examples?

As a result of the successful variable Feature/Value Ratio case above, I combined it with adding the product’s description to the WooCommerce Shop page so the customer could quickly understand what the product was about without having to click to the single product page. Again, conversions increased another 2% on average across those same three websites – that’s another $1,000 in revenue monthly for a grand total of a $3,500 increase in revenue on average for these two features. 

Customize Your WooCommerce Shop Page

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