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Security Update for WooPayments

Important Security Update for WooPayments: Everything You Need to Know

At Masters of WordPress, we’re always on the lookout for essential updates and news that could affect your WordPress and/or WooCommerce experience. Today, we want to share with you a significant security update for WooPayments (previously known as WooCommerce Payments).

What’s the Update About?

This essential update is applicable to all versions of the WooPayments extension following version 2.8.0.

It acts to eliminate a potential vulnerability that might, under unique circumstances, let a Woo shopper alter their order status without conducting an actual payment. Before you panic, let us reassure you that WooCommerce found no evidence suggesting that this vulnerability was exploited. Diligent internal testing led to the discovery of this potential vulnerability, and an immediate security update was crafted immediately.

A Little Bit of Background

In July 2023, WooCommerce Payments underwent a rebranding to “WooPayments.” Thus, you might encounter it under either name in your dashboard.

Is Your Version Secure?

To address this issue, a new set of WooPayments versions has been released, removing the vulnerability. Any extension version listed below or higher than 6.2.1 is secured:

Secure versions of WooPayments

What Steps Do You Need to Take?

If you’re hosted by Automattic (including Woo Express,, or Pressable), rest easy! The extension is already being updated or has been updated to remove the vulnerability.

If you’re not hosted by Automattic, here’s what you need to do:

Check Your Version: Navigate to your site’s WP Admin dashboard, click on Plugins, and look for WooPayments in your extensions. Ensure you’re using a secure version.

Update if Necessary: If your version isn’t secured, you must update the extension. A notice should guide you to update WooPayments. If not, download the latest version from your account dashboard or

Is Your Data Safe?

The security of your data is paramount. The good news is that it’s highly unlikely that this vulnerability was exploited, and even if it was, no sensitive data would be at risk. Rest assured, WooCommerce is continuously monitoring the situation.

Need Help or Have Questions?

If you have any questions or concerns about this update or need help maintaining your WordPress or WooCommerce website, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated WordPress team.
Stay safe, stay updated, and keep mastering WordPress with us!